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Rebekah Smith

(Bekah Love)


Singer, actor, writer, producer, and performer Rebekah does it all, and she does it well!


Her musical and performing chops come naturally, influenced by her uniquely musical and ultra-talented family; Rebekah is the daughter of celebrated Opera/ Jazz singer Paul Smith and a stunningly beautiful model mother, Janet. Rebekah was born with everything it takes to excel in the performance industry.


Born in Los Angeles, California, Rebekah attended a premier performance arts school, Pacific Palisades High School, where she excelled in theater arts and music. She graduated from Nova Institute, where she studied voice, psychology, and physical therapy.


Rebekah’s musical heritage revealed itself very early in her life. By the age of nine, she played the drums, sang, and danced.


Her gift of choreography kicked in as she worked with local Los Angeles groups. Dancing has always been a love, and the list of groups and individuals she’s worked with is impressive.


As she grew and honed her gifts, the logical progression was embarking on a solo career. Rebekah almost immediately had a calendar full of booked gigs, performing at various venues around the country, including the House of Blues in Los Angeles, The Country Clubs in New York, and major venues across the country.


As a writer, Rebekah moved forward in her writing and recording career, working with such notables like Dr. Dre, Heavy D and English producer Sebastian Jones. Rebekah has written and recorded for iconic music companies like Motown, BMG, Warner Bros. Rhino and MVP records.


Not only can she do it, but she also assists in artists and band development around the Los Angeles area. Working in the areas of vocal coaching and choreography. Staying very much in the game, Rebekah also lends her skill as a background vocalist she has maintained her performance edge while keeping her finger on the pulse of the industry today.


As an actor Rebekah has performed in lead roles in films; her latest credit is in a dramatic movie project filmed in Cincinnati.


Recording Artist, Actor, Choreographer, writer, producer, if it’s entertainment, it’s Rebekah because she does it all!

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